Currently I am working as a product manager in a SME I'm avoiding naming the company to allow me to speak openly without having to go through compliance to post due to working in a heavily regulated sector.
The problem the company faces is the same as many of its size, it's enjoyed good growth but it is stalling as it breaks into a larger size.
Whilst they have some talented managers they are all experienced either small highly profitable companies or vast highly profitable companies. I find both of these sets of experience have a inherent dislike of defining process as both find it bloat that gets in the way.
Unfortunately some defined process is just what they need to be able to expand a small company in the big time without the need to micro manage.
To this end I am trying to introduce some of the light touch process of the lean startup.
Unfortunately I don't have the clout to do this in a single swoop so I have to do it under the radar.